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FFAW-Unifor Now Accepting Applications to Conduct Survey on Atlantic Halibut in 3Ps

August 23, 2016

For 2016-17, DFO announced a 15% increase in the TAC for the Southern Atlantic Halibut Stock. According to the DFO announcement, “As previously announced, 45t was set aside during the initial allocations for this stock, in response to concerns raised regarding the need for increased research activity in NAFO Divisions 3NOPs. For 2016-17, 20t of this allocation will be provided to the 3Ps inshore fleet to develop capacity to participate in research that supports assessment and management of Atlantic Halibut.”

Pending final project approval, FFAW-Unifor is now accepting applications to conduct a survey on Atlantic Halibut in 3Ps. A total of up to ten (10) 3Ps-based vessels will conduct long-line stations in every sub-division (a-h). Eligible vessels will require a watertight deck and fish hold. In addition, priority will be given to vessels 40 feet and greater for the offshore zones (d-h).

To inquire and apply, please contact the Corner Brook office at 634-0277. Deadline for applications is the end of business hours on Wednesday, August 31, 2016.