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FFAW Submits Reconsideration for Price of Snow Crab

May 11, 2020

Today FFAW submitted a request to the province’s Standing Fish Price Setting Panel for a reconsideration of their May 1 decision on the price for snow crab for the 2020 season.

Since the May 1 decision, important new market and sales information has emerged that shows the current market to be significantly different than that which was envisioned when the Panel selected ASP’s price of $2.90. The market on which ASP’s price was premised has not materialized. FFAW’s reconsideration request is based on the actual market, which is currently higher than that anticipated by the Panel.

ASP’s price of $2.90 was unjustified and is not economically sustainable for harvesters. In the midst of this global pandemic, fish harvesters deserve a fair price that can support their enterprises, crew and communities.

Once FFAW’s application for reconsideration is accepted by the Panel, a reconsideration hearing will be scheduled. FFAW will keep members updated as this process unfolds.

UPDATE:  The Price Setting Panel has accepted the FFAW’s request for a price reconsideration and the hearing will take place on Wednesday, May 13. FFAW’s Negotiating Committee will be preparing their submission tomorrow in advance of Wednesday’s hearing.