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FFAW Statement Regarding FISH-NL and Labour Relations Board

October 19, 2017

“A list recently provided by the Board to both FFAW and FISH-NL is not a complete list of fish harvesters, nor was it portrayed as such by the Board. In fact, in our review of the list we have found that several thousand active, commercial fish harvesters are not listed.

FFAW-Unifor remains confident in the accuracy of our fish harvesting membership numbers. Our Union is following the Labour Relations Board process to verify our membership, and absolutely no decisions have been made by the Board at this point in the process.

This is simply another desperate attempt by Ryan Cleary and FISH-NL to exaggerate and spin a step in the Board’s process in an effort to legitimize FISH-NL’s fledgling campaign to obtain a membership vote without having met the requirements set by legislation. Unlike FISH-NL, FFAW has respect for the Labour Relations Board and its processes. Cleary’s sideshows do a disservice to the industry and only distract from the serious work to be done for our members.”- Keith Sullivan, FFAW-Unifor President

For additional media inquiries, please contact:
Thomas Johnson, Q.C.
O’Dea Earle