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FFAW Requests Action Against Illegal Lockout by Processors

August 10, 2019

Yesterday afternoon, FFAW-Unifor submitted a formal request to Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources, Gerry Byrne, in response to illegal lockout by processing companies refusing to buy cod from fish harvesters. The action taken by processors is a direct violation of the Fishing Industry Collective Bargaining Act.

Our Union requested that Minister Byrne use all available legislative and regulatory tools to prevent this lockout from occurring as well as to discourage future action by issuing new processing licenses and opening the cod fishery up to buyers outside of the province. We also requested that the Minister impose fines on the companies engaged in the illegal lockout.

Our Union will take all steps necessary to put a stop to this cartel-like behaviour so that these actions cannot be replicated in the future. The livelihood of fish harvesters cannot be held hostage by the actions of a few large fish processing companies.

FFAW-Unifor will be holding a demonstration Monday, August 12 at 11 am in at Royal Greenland in Old Perlican and will be taking other steps as necessary to ensure fish harvesters will have a buyer for their catch.