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FFAW meets with provincial fisheries minister, Gerry Byrne

December 14, 2017

FFAW-Unifor met Minister of fisheries and Land Resources, Gerry Byrne yesterday to discuss concerns surrounding the aquaculture industry.  The meeting was organized for salmon processing workers from Harbour Breton and St. Alban’s on the Connaigre Peninsula, where most of the provinces salmon aquaculture occurs.   FFAW President, Keith Sullivan, Industrial Division Vice-President Eric Day, as well as Staff Representative Sharon Walsh attended on behalf of the union. Day, who is employed at Barry Group in Harbour Breton, delivered the message that “skilled workers need good jobs if aquaculture is going to be allowed in our waters.”  The requirement for both environmental and economic sustainability in aquaculture was stressed to Minister Bryne. If companies are going to have the privilege to grow fish in our waters, this province must benefit through good jobs. “Too much of this seafood is leaving our province without value added,” said Sullivan.