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FFAW Meet With Minister Davis on Panel Appointments

January 14, 2023

FFAW-Unifor met with Minister Bernard Davis yesterday, January 13th, to discuss the amendments to the Fishing Industry Collective Bargaining Act enacted during the Fall 2022 sitting of the House of Assembly, which modified the appointment process and membership of the Standing Fish Price Setting Panel. Attending with the Minister were Deputy Minister Valerie Snow, Assistant Deputy Minister Yvonne Scott, and Executive Assistant Kara Connors. Representing FFAW-Unifor were President Greg Pretty, Secretary-Treasurer Jason Spingle, Jake Rice for Policy and Fish Price Negotiations, and Courtney Langille of Government Relations.

The meeting focused on consideration criteria for FFAW’s nomination of individuals for appointment to the Panel in the capacity of Member and Alternate Member. The Minister agreed to provide the department’s ranking criteria for incoming Chair, noting that a strong background in labour relations is fundamental. All nominations must also indicate the desired duration of the appointment, which can be up to 2-years, and cannot be less than 1-year. Representatives must also have a level of objectivity, and the department also agreed to provide clarity on the parameters for conflict of interest.

FFAW also suggested that the Panel be provided with a briefing of the negotiation history leading up to submission of final offers to confirm that both parties have adhered to fair procedural conduct as outlined in the Act.

As requested by Minister Davis and his department, the FFAW will submit the names of the two representatives to serve on the Panel in the capacity of Member and Alternate Member by January 20, 2023.