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FFAW Leadership Meets with Federal NL Caucus

January 16, 2019
FFAW-Unifor leadership met with the federal Newfoundland and Labrador caucus yesterday afternoon to discuss several pressing issues facing our members, including the snow crab PA framework and the closure of 3Ps cod.
Changes to the precautionary approach for snow crab have raised serious concerns for inshore harvesters who will be seriously impacted by the changes. The federal government’s lack of consultation and consideration for the largest stakeholder is unacceptable, and Union leadership made that exceptionally clear in the meeting.
Concerns regarding the 3Ps cod stock escalated this week when DFO made the decision to prematurely close the fishing season before inshore harvesters caught their quotas despite allowing offshore draggers to operate on the vulnerable fishing grounds. Your Union once again raised the importance of ensuring management decisions make socioeconomic considerations of communities a priority.
In addition to these serious challenges, FFAW also discussed redfish, mackerel, turbot and halibut with the MPs.