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FFAW Executive Board Endorses Greg Pretty for Next Union President

December 1, 2022

December 1, 2022

Following this morning’s news that Keith Sullivan is stepping down from the role of President after 8 years at the helm, the Union’s Executive Board engaged in discussions this afternoon surrounding the future of the Union representing 14,000 workers in Newfoundland and Labrador.

“News of Keith’s departure this morning certainly came as a surprise, but we respect his choice and appreciate all he’s done for this organization during his 8 years as President and the nearly 20 spent working with the Union. However, it’s our responsibility as Executive Board to maintain stability and direction for the members of this Union,” said Tony Doyle, FFAW-Unifor Inshore Vice-President. “Greg Pretty has agreed to put his name forward, and after discussions, the Board made the unanimous decision to support him,” Doyle says.

“Greg is currently the Industrial/Retail/Offshore Director of the FFAW-Unifor and has served FFAW members since the days of Richard Cashin. He’s an experienced negotiator and will have little to learn moving into this role. It will be a smooth transition for this Union and our members, and we’re grateful that he’s agreed to take it on,” Doyle explains. “Regardless, should any additional nominations come forward due process will be followed,” Doyle says.

The Nomination Period will commence on December 15, with the nomination period closing on December 29, 2022. Any FFAW-Unifor member in good standing is eligible to be nominated for this position.

Because the resignation comes mid-term, per the Union’s Constitution, the FFAW’s Joint Council* will conduct a vote if more than one nomination is received. That election would take place on January 5, 2023.

The next general election takes place in 2024, and should the position be contested at that time, a full-membership vote will take place.

*The Joint Council is composed of the Inshore Council and the Industrial/Retail/Offshore Council. These individuals are elected representatives of their region, fleet, workplace, group, or sector.