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FFAW, ASP Submit Final Offers for 2020 Snow Crab Price

April 29, 2020

Today FFAW and ASP submitted final offers for the price of snow crab for the 2020 season in advance of a hearing before the standing fish price setting panel.

ASP refused to engage in negotiations, and its only offer was to pay 1 cent per pound for snow crab. FFAW forwarded a comprehensive price offer to ASP that included a rebate system that would allow harvesters to share in the risk and reward of this year’s fishery.

At 10 am this morning the parties forwarded their final offers to the Panel. FFAW price is for $3.50. The negotiating committee believes this is a realistic offer that is reflective of the market for snow crab.

ASP offered $2.90 per pound which they frame as actually being $3.00 because of the Workers Compensation and EI benefits they are legally required to pay on behalf of harvesters. It is an unjustifiable position. This is an unacceptable price that is not in line with the current market for snow crab

The Standing Fish Price Setting Panel will hold a hearing to determine the price of crab this afternoon (April 29th) at 2 pm. The Panel must release its decision on price no later than this Friday, May 1st.