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Fall Shrimp Price Negotiations

September 8, 2022

Fall shrimp negotiations were anything but good faith negotiations.  ASP and the processors asked harvesters to continue taking the below market price of $0.90/lb just to finish the shrimp season.  When harvesters pushed back asking for more details about what processors were willing to continuing paying for shrimp, ASP and companies fell silent.  After a difficult week of negotiations, FFAW put forward a price offer of $1.25/lb while ASP offered $1.00/lb.  FFAW and harvesters continue to fight for a fair minimum price based on the current market.  ASP and processors continue to put forward below market offers in an attempt to reset shrimp pricing in our province. 

We would like to thank the negotiating committee for their hard work and dedication this week as we continue our battle against unreasonable company tactics.