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Decisions needed on northern shrimp quota allocations

July 14, 2016

ST. JOHN’S – Inshore northern shrimp harvesters in Newfoundland and Labrador are increasingly concerned about delays in the announcement of the fishery and the new sharing arrangement. Despite the fact that the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans announced the elimination of the Last In, First Out (LIFO) policy, the specifics on proportional sharing and quota allocations have not been disclosed.

“Harvesters, plant workers and their communities will continue to struggle until they have details on the proportional sharing formula,” said Keith Sullivan, President of the Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union (FFAW-Unifor). “After extensive consultations, the review panel has submitted their report. It’s time for the Minister to make a decision.”

The Minister’s announcement on abolishing LIFO also focused on potential community impacts. Coastal communities require at least the 70% share of the resource that was recommended by the Panel in SFA 6.

“The inshore northern shrimp sector is not reassured by the interim quotas that do not provide enough for a large part of the fleet to have a full trip or allow for plants to operate at a reasonable capacity,” continued Sullivan. “The decision on LIFO has been made and the stock assessment has concluded. There is no reason for continued delays. It is time to open the northern shrimp fishery and stop any further damage to the economy of rural Newfoundland and Labrador.”


For media inquiries, please contact:

Jessica McCormick, FFAW-Unifor Communications Officer
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