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Cleary reiterates offshore corporations’ arguments against inshore cod fishery

November 25, 2016

For Immediate Release
Friday, November 25, 2016

Cleary reiterates offshore corporations’ arguments against inshore cod fishery

St. John’s – Today, FISHNL’s Ryan Cleary called into question whether there should be an inshore northern cod fishery. Cleary’s comments (both on VOCM Openline and in a news release) suggest that the cod biomass is not strong enough to warrant a fishery. His ill-informed opinion flies in the face of scientific evidence, backed up by harvesters’ knowledge, which supports an inshore stewardship fishery.

“Cleary’s comments again demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the fishery,” said Keith Sullivan, President of the Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union (FFAW-Unifor). “This is the exact argument the corporate offshore sector is using in an attempt to push inshore harvesters out of the fishery and get a bigger share of the pie for themselves.”

The current northern cod management plan does not allow for any fishing by offshore corporations. Since FFAW won improvements to the fishery including a longer season with more opportunities for inshore harvesters, offshore corporations have heavily lobbied the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, questioning fisheries science in an attempt to stop the inshore northern cod fishery.

“Harvesters are pleased with the first steps being taken on the road to a new commercial northern cod fishery,” continued Sullivan. “These statements show how disconnected Cleary is from northern cod harvesters who had a very successful season and they expose his lack of knowledge and experience with the fishing industry.”