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ASP Companies Pull Plug on Bargaining

May 11, 2023

Yesterday, the FFAW-Unifor Snow Crab Bargaining Committee engaged ASP to sit down to the table to discuss a way to move the industry forward. After initial commentary from both sides, the FFAW Committee presented the first offer.

The FFAW Negotiating Committee’s first offer was minimum price starting at 2.30 at current Urner Barry (4.65USD) with 15 cent increases at 5.00USD, and 15 cents for every additional 25 cent increase to Urner Barry. ASP flatly rejected this proposal, ended discussions and left the premises, however Loder stated ASP would be available for the remainder of the day.

After extended debate, the Committee made the decision to send a revised offer, which Greg Pretty delivered to Jeff Loder. After a short period of time, ASP returned with the final counteroffer that was in turn presented to members for consideration. The Committee attempted an additional counter, which was rejected.

Details of ASP’s final counteroffer as previously communicated:

  • Minimum price of $2.20/lb for rest of the season
  • When Urner Barry 5-8oz. Sections goes to 5.25USD, price will go to $2.25
  • At 5.50USD, the price goes to $2.30
  • At 5.75USD the price goes to $2.40
  • At 6.00USD the price goes to $2.50
  • Above $6.00USD, the Union can submit for reconsideration at the Panel
  • Overage fund off the table
  • Trip limits as per DFO license conditions

“It is disingenuous that the Companies’ representative is being untruthful about the events of the past 24 hours in an attempt to turn our members against each other and the Union,” says FFAW-Unifor President Greg Pretty. “Our organization has done everything possible to find a solution that will work for all parties and get a fishery going this year. It’s clear that we need immediate provincial intervention to get this situation sorted,” says Pretty.

“Snow crab harvesters are facing an economic crisis unlike anything we’ve since the cod moratorium thirty years ago. With everything at stake this year, we’ve been clear that an offer isn’t valid until our fleets sign off on it,” concludes Pretty.

The Union will continue to consult with fleets and continues to look for intervention from Premier Furey. On a slightly unrelated note, Minister Bragg rejected the Union’s request for outside buyers in lobster today, despite previously indicating it would be approved. It’s imperative that Premier Furey ensure this file is being managed with the utmost concern for coastal communities and those that rely on the inshore fishery.