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Capelin Update

July 7, 2022

FFAW capelin harvesters met today to discuss concerns regarding this year’s fishery.  On Tuesday, ASP contacted the FFAW and asked if there was consideration for lowering the minimum price for capelin.  Yesterday, on the heels of that, ASP put in a request for the price setting panel to reconsider the minimum price.  FFAW responded highlighting that there has been no significant change in the market to warrant a reconsideration – the Panel agreed and dismissed the ASP application.

Today, harvesters were steadfast in their position to not drop prices.  There are many reasons, including the increased costs to operate enterprises and it can’t be done selling fish for pennies.  Harvesters would like to have a successful fishery, but it must be for fair and viable prices.

FFAW has reached out to ASP to gauge interest in this fishery and pursuing regular management calls of past seasons. We will update members when information becomes available.