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Call Update on Crab May 2

May 2, 2023

The Inshore Council and Crab Chairs held a call this evening to review today’s events. Urner Barry held strong today for fresh gulf crab, and harvesters are determined to hold strong for their fair share of the market price. The overwhelming majority of regions and fleets remain firm that the price of 2.20 per pound remains unviable for their enterprises and a fishery will not proceed.

Leadership continues to call for the provincial government to intervene as the regulators responsible for processing companies. The price setting process is broken, and Minister Bragg is refusing to acknowledge the catastrophic flaws that are being felt deeply by harvesters and plant workers this season.

FFAW-Unifor continues to lobby for a snow crab formula that would transparently set the prices paid to harvesters based on actual market, yield and sales information.

Click here for the Union’s response to ASP earlier today.