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ASP Submits Reconsideration Request for Price of Shrimp

July 10, 2020

This evening, ASP submitted to the Standing Fish Price Setting Panel a request to reconsider the price decision of July 2nd, which set the price of shrimp at $1.18 per pound, the FFAW position. The ASP position to the Panel was $0.70.

The Panel can only hear a reconsideration if there has been a significant change in market or currency since the time of the initial decision. In this case, there has not. ASP’s request is based on a trivial change in a market index and on a potential tariff that may get applied in 2021. This is a reconsideration request that rests on the thinnest of ice.

FFAW is in the process of writing its response to the reconsideration request and are setting out a strong argument for the Panel to deny the ASP request. The Panel will issue its decision on hearing the reconsideration request by noon tomorrow.