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AED Draw Recipients for Vessels in NAFO Zone 2J3KL

July 20, 2021

July 20, 2021 – The initiative to equip fishing vessels with AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) for improved preparedness for marine cardiac emergencies began in 2018. In the Winter 2019 issue of The Union Forum, the NL-FHSA issued a call for expressions of interest from fish harvesters working in NAFO zone 2J3KL who were interested in obtaining an AED for their fishing vessel. With the support of One Ocean, together with the generosity of the Hibernia Management Development Company and their partner the Heart and Stroke Foundation, 100 AEDs will be provided to those fish harvesters drawn from the expressions of interest received for the initiative.

​In order to be included in the draw, Fish Harvesters had to apply and meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Hold a current professional fish harvester certificate in the under 40’ and over 40’ fleet with an active ground fish license for 2J3KL
  • Agree to attend AED training delivered by an approved training provider
  • Agree to pay for the maintenance, inspection, and battery replacement of their AED

There were close to 200 applications, but as only 100 AEDs were available, names were selected by the NL-FHSA in a random draw with the support of the PFHCB and the FFAW/Unifor. In a separate agreement between One Ocean and ExxonMobile, an additional five AEDs were allocated to Ocean Choice International vessels, and were not part of the draw.

​The Heart and Stroke Foundation will be contacting the recipients individually to make arrangements for the delivery of their AED.

The list of AED recipients are on the NL-FHSA’s website, and can be found HERE.