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April 17, 2024

FFAW manages the Fisheries Guide Vessel Program. This program contracts commercial fishing vessels during offshore oil and gas operations to guide marine vessels (e.g. tow vessels like drill rigs) safely through open water navigating cautiously to avoid encountering or damaging fishing gear.

Enterprise owners must apply and all those who do are entered in an annual random draw from which the first name is given the opportunity of first refusal. Names are placed in priority sequence based on the order from the random draw. All participants are paid the same flat rate fee per day. We provide workers compensation and marine liability insurance.

Drilling projects are expected this summer and Fisheries Guide Vessel work is anticipated. To have your name added to this list, please complete the attached Fisheries Guide Vessel registration form and email completed forms to or bring hard copies to the FFAW office.

If you have applied in previous years, your name is still in our inventory. To confirm you are on the current list ahead of this season, or for more information please contact Katie at 709-576-7276 or

Click Here to see registration form.