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April 26, 2023

Leadership in the Newfoundland and Labrador shrimp fishery just finished a virtual meeting this evening to discuss the ongoing crisis in three major fisheries held hostage in the province. The call was the final of three major calls today on the biggest fisheries in the province.

The shrimp fleet, some of whom also fish snow crab or lobster, see today’s move by companies as a deliberate act of contempt and derision toward owner-operator harvesters who need to break even this year. Shrimp harvesters feel the Panel and final offer selection process is broken, and that any purported improvements by the provincial government are not being felt this season.

For both crab and shrimp, the Union’s position at the Panel followed past precedent and were much closer to actual market reports than ASP’s positions. In fact, shrimp harvesters in Quebec are once again being paid a far more reasonable price than Newfoundland and Labrador harvesters. Buyers know that just like in crab, 1.08 per pound is nowhere near a feasible price for their enterprises to survive and the fleet is asking for solidarity from all shrimp harvesters.

To compound matters, companies are once again using less valuable, twice-frozen industrial shrimp from offshore trawlers to initiate production onshore, in FFAW unionized plants, in a move to pit union member against union member.

The Barcelona Seafood Show is presently ongoing, and harvesters want to let the world know that the quality cooked and peeled NL shrimp is not available at a discount price.

FFAW is reiterating the call for an emergency meeting with Premier Furey to discuss how this year’s fishery can be saved and protected for the future. More updates will be provided when available.

In terms of EI extensions, the Union has a meeting with Minister Qualtrough’s office tomorrow (Thursday) evening and will update members accordingly. Continue calling your MP’s offices to ensure they understand the urgency of this request.