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April 29, 2023

The 4R Shrimp Fleet met in Hawkes Bay this afternoon, with the vast majority of the fleet in attendance. They outlined their support for position of the negotiating committee that weighted on the government sanctioned market reports however 1.08 is no more of a feasible price than it was last year.

What they do agree on and was outlined by both parties during negotiations is for a spring gulf fishery. Quebec harvesters have recently started fishing and 4R harvesters are willing to move on the same price scale. Our lead negotiator has reached out to ASP.

In stating the absence of interest by NL buyers, many in the fleet will be making plans to land their product out-of-province like was done in 2022. “We’re reaching out to come together on this noting the Quebec price is very near a median point of our positions,” said Jason Spingle, FFAW-Unifor Jason Spingle, who attended the meeting.

Finally, the fleet are disappointed that at least one processor is processing industrial shrimp (frozen product from offshore factory vessels) while the inshore has no agreement. Industrial shrimp was intended to be a supplement to the inshore, not a replacement.

With more than 30 enterprises and approximately half of the NL inshore quotas and three plants, this fishery remains critical to the Northern Peninsula.