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3LNO Sea Cucumber Emerging Fishery - Expressions of Interest Process

August 2, 2018

DFO is now accepting expressions of interest for an emerging fishery for sea cucumber in 3LNO. Eligible harvesters are those with home ports in 2J3KL or 3Ps, and have vessels 40′ and greater, among other criteria.

The process to examine the potential for a sea cucumber fishery in this area began when FFAW joined committee members from these areas to express interest to DFO in fall 2017. FFAW staff and members have worked diligently with DFO since then to put the appropriate measures and work in place to ensure the potential for this fishery can be realized.

Applications are due by August 6, 2018 and participants will be chosen by a draw process. For more information contact John Boland or Dwan Street at the St. John’s office.

Click here for the full notice to fish harvesters.