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Green Crab Mitigation

The Green Crab (invasive species) research project has been ongoing since the species was first identified in Newfoundland waters in 2007. The project involves fish harvesters harvesting the crabs and collecting sufficient data to develop an effective mitigation plan and prevent further spread and impact of this alien invasive species. Fish harvesters continue to work with researchers from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Marine Institute, as well as both the provincial and federal governments, to better understand this species as well as mitigating its effects on the ecosystem and their fisheries.

To date, the project has provided a better understanding of the biology of the species, its effects on catchability and competition with lobsters, effects on eel grass beds, as well as removing large amounts of green crab from the ecosystem. The project also examines potential uses for the crabs, such as composting and fertilizer.

FFAW members continue to work on advancing knowledge and uses for the green crab, as well as educating the public on this invasive species that has taken hold in our waters.