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The Future of the Redfish Fishery: Inshore Access For Onshore Processing

The Unit 1 Redfish Fishery is expected to be commercial in the next 2 years, and presents the opportunity to be amongst the most important economic generators for the west coast of Newfoundland and Labrador for the next several decades – but only if the inshore receives access.

The inshore Owner-Operator fleet lands 100% of its catch locally in adjacent communities, which in turn provides raw material for processors to purchase and produce. This maximizes employment and local value for the resource. It is this relationship between inshore fish harvesters and onshore processing is the economic backbone of the rural Newfoundland and Labrador that sustains vibrant, coastal communities.

FFAW is working to keep the benefit of Unit 1 Redfish primarily in adjacent coastal communities by securing a significant allocation for the NL Inshore to safeguard onshore processing jobs. Onshore processing plants transform the wealth of the ocean into wealth on land and are the lynchpin of adjacency.

Without consideration of the Owner-Operator and Fleet Separation regulations and the Principle of Adjacency, a decision for an offshore-dominated redfish fishery threatens to transfer the future wealth of our ocean resource to corporations and not the people in the adjacent communities. As such, FFAW is seeking government’s commitment to secure a place for NL harvesters in this fishery and allocate more than 50% to the inshore fleet.

CLICK HERE to express your support for a significant allocation of the emerging Unit 1 Redfish Fishery to the NL Inshore Fleet to safeguard employment on land and on sea!

FFAW-Unifor’s Unit 1 Redfish Campaign is intended to explain the importance of the Principle of Adjacency, Owner-Operator and Fleet Separation Policies, New Emerging Fisheries Policy, and socioeconomic considerations in the the process of consultation for access and allocation decisions.

Click on the images in the Gallery to learn more about Unit 1 Redfish and the incredible impact of a community-based Redfish Fishery for Newfoundland and Labrador.


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