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IMPORTANT: Atlantic Halibut fishery in 4R





Jul. 27, 2018

Atlantic Halibut fishery in 4R

DFO advises that due to widespread concerns with current fish condition observed in Atlantic Halibut from sub-division 4R (chalky appearance / texture of the flesh), harvesters registered under the Atlantic Halibut Sustainability Plan for Fishing Period 4 (30 July – 5 August) will have the option to change their fishing period to fishing Period 5 (13-19 August) or to fishing Period 6 (27 August – 2 September).

To avail of this opportunity fish harvesters must:

1.Submit an Atlantic Halibut Sustainability Plan (AHSP) Fishing Period Amendment Form to DFO prior to 1600 Newfoundland Daylight Time Monday 30 July 2018 indicating their choice of either Fishing Period 5 or fishing Period 6.   The amendment form should be sent by   FAX to 709 637-4476 or by email to [email protected].


2.Refrain from fishing Atlantic Halibut during Fishing Period 4.

“Notices to Fish Harvesters” for all commercial fisheries are now available online under the Fishery Notices link on the DFO NL Region webpage at

If you would like to have all “Notices to Fish Harvesters” for commercial fisheries sent directly to you by email please contact : [email protected]


For information, contact:

Jodi Riggs-Power
Resource Management
Tel:  709-279-7626
[email protected]

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