CAPELIN NEGOTIATION UPDATE | FFAW-Unifor | Fish Food & Allied Workers Union


June 10, 2021 – Negotiations for the 2021 capelin price were held this week. After three days of negotiation, FFAW-Unifor and ASP could not reach an agreement, and the parties submitted positions to the Panel. FFAW submitted an “A” price of $0.48. ASP sought a rollover of the 2020 price of $0.42 for Grade “A”, which last year produced a price of $0.28.

This morning, just before the Panel hearing, FFAW and ASP reached a deal. The “A” price for 2021 will be $0.46.5, a 10.7% increase over last year. The capelin price table will be adjusted upwards by 10.7% for all categories.

Thank you to the negotiating committee for the great work and important insights this week.

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