Applications Being Accepted_ Lobster Project_ Bay St. George / Port Saunders _Hawke’s Bay


Pending project approval, the FFAW is accepting applications from Bay St. George Harvesters and Port Saunders / Hawke’s Bay Harvesters for three (3) days deployment to place lobster settlement trays in two sites in Bay St. George (13A – Cape Ray to Cape St. George) and Port Saunders / Hawke’s Bay (14A). Deployment will take place July 27th.

Vessels will be chartered to move settlement trays which measure (24 x 36 x 6 in) and weigh approximately 250 lbs each.

Eligible harvesters are licensed lobster harvesters in one of the following areas:
– Bay St. George Area-13A
– Port Saunders / Hawke’s Bay – 14A

Vessels must be over 25’ in length, equipped with a hauler/winch, and harvesters must have access to GPS for coordinates of deployments.

For an application please contact the Corner Brook Office (709) 634-0277.

Deadline for accepting applications is Wednesday, July 24th at 4:30 p.m

Thank you for your interest. Only those successful in the draw process will be contacted.

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