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Improving & Sustaining Our Industry

A vibrant, profitable, and sustainable fishery is vital to the survival of rural Newfoundland and Labrador. If fish resources are to provide for the long-term viability of fish harvesters, processing workers, and the communities in which they live, the management responsibilities of commercial species must be shared.

Atlantic Halibut and Atlantic Lobster Traceability Project

Trace your plate! This project aims to address conservation challenges, improve marketability and increase the value of Atlantic Halibut and

Cod Condition

Information about cod condition is a critical component of the assessment process and the objective of this project is to

Crab Pot Design

Over the last several years, snow crab stocks around many parts of Newfoundland and Labrador have declined in abundance.  In

Gilbert Bay Cod

In 2004, a project was developed to investigate the distribution of Gilbert Bay cod and provide information on fishing effort

Green Crab Mitigation

The Green Crab (invasive species) research project has been ongoing since the species was first identified in Newfoundland waters in

Industry Post Season Snow Crab Trap Survey

The Industry Post Season Snow Crab Trap Survey is currently in its eleventh year. The snow crab survey started in

Leatherback Turtle Model Tests New Disentangling Tool

In a best-case scenario, any conservation efforts to decrease entanglements and unwanted catch will also benefit harvesters. It will ideally


In an effort to improve the understanding of lobster stocks, a lobster-monitoring project was developed and implemented in 2004 throughout

Reproductive Potential in Groundfish Species

In 2004 a project exploring the reproductive potential of several ground fish species around Newfoundland and Labrador began.  Previous estimates

Seal Diet

For many years it has been suspected that seal predation is a factor in the high mortality rate of cod

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