3K4 Crab Meeting in South Brook | FFAW-Unifor | Fish Food & Allied Workers Union

3K4 Crab Meeting in South Brook

 There will be a meeting for the 3K4 crab fleet at the South Brook Town Hall on Thursday, February 9, at 7 PM. Non-crab issues will be covered as well. All harvesters are encouraged to attend. Staff representative Sherry Glynn will be in attendance.

Over the next three weeks, the following meetings will be held throughout 3K: 3A: St. Anthony, Englee; 3C: Long Island; 3D: Musgrave Harbour, Change Islands, Fogo Island; 3K4: Baie Verte, St. Anthony, Fogo Island; 3Kn: St. Anthony. Meeting times and locations will be available next week.

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