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EI FAQ and Benefit Reminder

April 12, 2021

The changes to Fishing EI Benefits due to COVID-19 will be in place until September 25th 2021. These changes include:

• The waiting period may be waived

• A minimum unemployment rate of 13.1% applies to all regions across Canada

• You only need $2,500 in earnings to qualify for regular fishing or special benefits

• Establish your claim using the highest earnings from either your current claim or the earnings from 1 of your last 2 fishing claims for the same season.

• You’ll receive at least $500 per week before taxes but you could receive more.

If you were notified that you don’t have enough earnings to receive benefits, contact Service Canada to request a review of your claim considering these temporary changes.

Please read the summary of these changes HERE and use it as a reference moving forward with your claim, or requesting a review of an existing claim with Service Canada.

The portal for the Fish Harvester Grant and Benefit is not open yet, but we will post an update and communicate with membership as soon as it does.